Friday, November 2, 2007

"By the River Baptized"

24" x 24"
I finally photographed the abstract that I finished last week. This was palette knife work on top of a piece of heavy grooved fiberous paper mounted on canvas. There is a little red in with the white and a little yellow ochre showing through the blue in places. It is very simple and very complex at the same time....probably hard to tell from the photograph. I wasn't sure if people would like this one, but most people that have seen it have really responded to it with positive comments. I see a lot of figures by the river who have assembled to be batized. Well, it is Friday night and I have gessoed and textured a 24" x 30" and a 30" x 30"....I am excited about how the texture looks so I am looking forward to seeing how the painting will go once the gesso is dry. I have also picked up some old canvases and painted over them and like the results. For some reason, Friday nights are really good for creating art in my studio!

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