Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Remembrance Strings"


front detail

back detail
Submitted statement:
Much like a clipping of a loved one's hair in a locket, the violin's strings have been memorialized behind glass. The round shape of the coiled strings is replicated in the old oil tin and in the wreath that is used to symbolize Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns. The mannequins, common symbols of the visual arts, serve here as partakers of music who are giving applause to performance art. The piece was partially inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, who signed his works "SDG" for Soli Deo Gloria, meaning “to the only God be glory.”


Joshua said...


This is a piece to remember. What an excellent piece of work.
Whatever you do do it all for the glory of God...you have i believe so.

Velvet said...

What a masterpiece. I love it.
You are a true reflection of the Lord. Thank you honoring Him in your work. You name is sweet upon His lips.