Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Fringe Line"

16" x 16" - Acrylic on Canvas

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JustVelvet said...

Lee, I am so impressed by the way the Lord is continuing to bless your work. Every new painting is more beautiful than the last. "Fringe Line" is all the beauty of unspoiled Edisto and Kiawah rolled into one. It makes me think about the way people usually stand on the beach and look out over the ocean, and that is often what is captured in paintings...but sometimes you miss real beauty not turning around and looking back toward the tree line. Maybe an analogy of the way we as Christians keep our focus outward toward our future, and sometimes it is healthy to remind ourselves of where we have been in order to stay rooted and humble. The way God delivers us from our own soul's "Fringe Line" is miraculous and beautiful.