Saturday, October 20, 2007

Composition in White

Well, the studio is about 85% cleaned up so I will probably be back at the creative process soon. This morning I purchased my largest canvas ever...48" x 60" at Michael's...good thing I had a 40% off coupon a friend gave me as this canvas was $99.00. It is a little intimidating but it is time to move up since I have had success with the 36" x 48" size (middle canvas). The other canvas pictured is a 24" x 30"...I was able to purchase these two at Hobby Lobby during the last two weeks with their weekly 40% off coupon. The eucalyptus came from a branch put on the street by my next door neighbor's yard man...the house is up for rent so they have been sprucing up the yard which is good. The picture is taken in my "receiving" room...the dining room table is actually hiding behind the canvases. Anyway, time will reveal what happens with these canvases!

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