Thursday, October 4, 2007

Painting the Edges

Tonight I am painting the edges on a couple of paintings....not my favorite part. Many artists do not paint the edges, but I like to finish my paintings so that they can be hung without framing....most of the time I paint the edges dark brown. Doing so also allows for a cohesive grouping when multiples hang a home or in a show. Speaking of homes, I saw a collection of three of my 8" x 8" x 3" paintings hanging in the foyer of a lovely home here in town...I hope to return with my camera to photograph them in the near future. This family is also considering a 36" x 48" vertical painting titled "A Matter of THE Faith". The title came from a sermon at Christ Church of the Carolinas. The family members are also members of this church. The Head of the Household happens to be one of our Elders who is very much respected within the community and known as a very Godly man....a wonderful thing considering he is an Elder! It means a lot that the family asked me over to get my input on where to hang the painting, should they make the purchase. There is a perfect spot in their library, so I hope God will lead them to make the purchase. But, if He has another wall or family in mind, He will arrange that. Wherever it hangs, I just hope it brings Him all the glory!

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