Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is a Palette Knife?

After the last post, someone asked this question. These are my palette knives. I really need to clean them up. I don't do a lot of palette knife paintings so the ones that I do are not the best examples of my work. But, using them provides a change of pace. The "Approaching Home" painting was more of an exercise...there are things about the painting that I like....mainly the colors....but, there are some problems with scale and perspective. I did another one last night that is very abstract, but I haven't been able to photograph it yet. Speaking of photographs, it is really hard to get accurate photos and they can look different depending on individual computer, keep that in mind when you are viewing them on this blog. The paintings always look better in person....hopefully that will encourage you to come to the Bus Stop show that opens next Thursday night. I am looking forward to the show because I want to get some feedback from people attending....I think I am holding off on getting back to serious painting a little until I see how the paintings at the show are received. Today I was encouraged by receiving one of many blessings from God....payment for a 30" x 40" painting that sold at Verve!

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