Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Hymn - Psalter Selection No. 63:1-8

To my delight, this was the first hymn at tonight's Vesper Service.

God, Thee, my God, I'll early seek;
My soul's athirst for Thee.
On dry land, weary, waterless,
My flesh has longed for Thee.

Thus have I looked for Thee before
Within Thy holy place
That there I might behold Thy strength
And glory of Thy face.

Because Thy grace is more than life
My lips Thee praise shall give;
I in Thy name will lift my hands
And bless Thee while I live.

My soul with rich, abundant food
Shall be well satisfied;
With shouts of joy upon my lips
My mouth shall praise provide.

And when I turn my thought to Thee
Upon my bed at night,
As watches pass I meditate
On Thee with great delight.

Thou art my help; I sing for joy
In shadows of Thy wings.
For Thy right hand has held me fast;
To Thee my spirit clings.

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