Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Getting Wired

Tonight will be busy getting new paintings wired, sealed, labeled, priced and ready to go to the Bus Stop Gallery on Thursday. The group show will open on November 1. Please see the link in "Places of Interest". I think this will be my seventh show with the Bus Stop, and God has blessed me greatly during each show with many purchases and name recognition. If you haven't been to an opening before and plan to come, be prepared for a HUGE crowd. I am hoping to finish my studio work tonight as I will have Bible Study, taught by Pastor Frank Legare, tomorrow for an hour after my day job. After study, I will be helping the Grice family arrange furniture in their new home....they are dear friends and Mrs. Grice runs the classrooms for all the children at Christ Church (yes, that is how I went from being a once-a-month helper in the 3-4 year old class to a weekly helper in the toddler class....but, many blessings have resulted from helping with the children). I guess I better get in the studio NOW.

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